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Best clipping path and masking service provider company review and tutorial

In 2021, more than 2.14 billion people purchased products online. This statistic demonstrates how growth is happening in E-commerce. Are you also involved with this? Want to attract more audience in order to generate more sales? IMAGE EDITING ASIA can assist you in it. But how can we assist you? Let me tell you. 

In an E-commerce business, lots of things depend on a particular element. Can you guess about it? This is none other than the picture of your E-commerce Product that you are using online. If you use a customized and professionally edited e-commerce product’s photo, the chances of getting more sales to increase more than 2x.

Photo Editing Service for Clipping Path, Background Removal, Color Correction and more

It is not easy to get a perfect picture. A perfect picture requires a lot of effort and creativity. You can make it all happen with the help of a professional photo editing service provider; one who is highly experienced in their work and can correct all the mistakes and make it more amazing.

There are plenty of methods are available to showcase a product online. But we are going to introduce you to one of the best popular Photo editing methods that will help you to get more engagement. It is clipping path service in photoshop. Are you getting excited to know more about this photo editing service? Well, read this article till the end. Hopefully, it will bring a positive result to your E-commerce business.

Let’s Get Started. 

What is Clipping Path?

As I have mentioned earlier, there are plenty of photo editing methods available nowadays. This is one of the most effective methods among those. Normally, Adobe Photoshop is used to create Clipping Path. There is a tool in Photoshop named “Photoshop Pen Tool”. With the help of this tool, photo editors create vector line around the object.

After creating lines, you can separate that particular area from its previous Background. Surprisingly, you can perfectly select any kind of object with the help of that tool. You can also change or remove the exciting background using this method. As this is a time-consuming task, you can take this service from us and save your own time.

Clipping path and masking services overview

Clipping path and masking service is an artistic method in Photoshop to remove or add something within a picture.
The basic concept of clipping path and masking service is to add a “mask” to a certain portion of a picture to add or remove something from that portion. The clipping path would be the boundary to the object that you want to add or remove from a picture.
The creation of a clipping path and masking service is complex and time-consuming. The time and complexity depends on the difficulty and shape of the object and also the background.

How to Create Clipping Path in Photoshop?

I think you want to see the step-by-step tutorial of Clipping Path in Photoshop. In this part, I am going to explain it to you. Why we are making a delay then? Let’s make a dive on the first step.

Step 1: Open the Object’s Photo in Photoshop

At first, Open the picture of the object in Photoshop. I am going to use this picture as a sample. 

Step 2: Select Pen Tool

In the 2nd step, choose the Pen tool that I talked about in the previous section. You can fill this tool on the left side of your screen. Left-click on it to pick the tool.

Step 3: Start Creating Lines

In the 3rd step, we will use vector lines to select our object. How to start creating paths? Press CTRL + to zoom-in on the object and Left-click on your mouse for path creation. Start creating paths on the boundary area as like as I have shown in the screenshot. 

Keep moving forward and create paths around the object. After covering all areas, finish the final dots on the starting point. Otherwise, the object won’t be selected perfectly. After this, we are going to remove that existing background.

Step 4: Make selections of the Paths 

Now, we have to turn those paths into selections. How to do that? Right-click on your mouse and there will be an option “Make Selection”.

After clicking on that option, go to this showed option from the top and press Enter on it.

Finally, you just have to press the Delete button & see the result. 

Have you learned the procedure? I hope so.

At this stage, I want to inform you about our Clipping Path Service in detail. 

Clipping Path Service- Get More attention from Your Customer

Clipping path is a proven way to attract more audience. Imageeditingasia is providing this photo editing service over the years. We are highly experienced in the field and know exactly which types of photos consumer wants to see.

Using all of our skills and experience, we will deliver you the best online photo editing services. Do you want to have a try now? Ask for a quote or try a free trial now. We won’t charge anything from you for the free trial. Is there any reason to make any delay? I don’t think so. 

The biggest advantage of Clipping Path Service is, you can present your e-commerce goods in a specific way. That helps to get attraction from the viewers. This is the right time for you to get this advantage and beat your competitor.  Let’s have a try now.

Should I take Clipping Path Service?

Is the same question popping up in your mind? Now, I would like to inform you more specifically about the people who should take this service.

Clipping Path Service is much needed for any kind of E-commerce product imagery. So, if you are involved with any kinds of online business such as Jewelry, Cosmetics, Machine Tools, accessories & toys, you should try Clipping Path Service.

This method will give you relief from the stress of managing proper background while taking photos. You will get some other advantages too. Such as, you don’t have to change the background at the time of the product’s photography. This will save your valuable time. At the same time, you are most likely to get more attention from the audience. Isn’t it great? 


Before taking any kinds of services, price an important fact to consider. Prices of clipping path vary according to the types of object. To get the best price for your imagery asks for a quote now. We will offer you the best price. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Hopefully, Image editing asia will be able to satisfy you. 

Final Thoughts

The E-commerce field has become highly competitive nowadays and continuously getting tougher. You should try every possible way to make yourself better than your competitor. Image editing asia wants to help you with it when it comes to product photos. By taking our Clipping Path Service, you get the opportunity to present your product’s images in a better way. 

In 2021, more than 2.14 billion people purchased products online. It shows that online business is booming and there is no stopping it. Have you ever wondered what people are looking to see while planning to purchase a product or service? They are not just looking for reviews, but a clear picture of the items as well. So, there is a booming need of clipping path these days to help your images come alive and enjoy a great brand reputation.

You need professionals to help with such Service as a lot depends on their clipping paths. Well, you do not have to look for it from anywhere else once you have the right team from Image Editing Asia (Pvt) Ltd to the rescue over here!

The best part about our clipping path is that we offer our services from experienced professionals over here. Right from background removal to color correction, we have segmented our services under multiple heads to make it easier for a purchase.

The value of clipping:

It is not that simple to get a perfect picture all the time. It needs a lot of creativity and effort. There are different methods available to showcase a product online and clipping seems to be the most promising path among the lot right here.

  • The clipping path service is one major addition from the house of Photoshop now.
  • Adobe Photoshop is used for this service right now and we will be using the power of “Photoshop Pen Tool” for addressing your clipping path service out there.

With the help of this noted clipping path Service tool, our photos editors are able to create vector line around the object. It helps in separating area from previous background.