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Photoshop Image Masking

Photoshop Masking | High quality service review

Do you want to isolate parts from an image? Masking the photo editing technique that allows you to do that. Suppose, you have taken a picture containing some unnecessary elements. Masking can help you to hide those elements.

Photoshop Masking is one of the basic image processing operations that works on the background of an image. Many professionals consider it to be an essential substitute of clipping path service for removing or replacing the background of a complex image. Masking uses Photoshop’s layer mask. Masks can be created through various ways. Masking gives the image a natural and realistic look and still preserves the naturalness of background and foreground.

Where to get that service? Image editing asia is providing high-quality image masking services at a reasonable price. Our expert photo editors select objects perfectly. We will deliver you perfect masking with the perfect selection. Willing to know more about our services? Let’s continue. 

What is Photoshop Masking? 

 Masking is the technique of keeping some parts of a picture and hide some parts. It is a non-destructive photo editing procedure. So, you have the option to go back to the previous view. 

When you select some areas of an image using the masking technique, any kind of change or editing will only effect that particular selected area. When this technique comes into play? Sometimes a picture has content like smoke, glass, fur, hair, and other transparent elements. In these cases, masking is the safe technique to make the selection of that tricky elements. 

This technique is also used for removing the background of a soft edge picture. In most cases, the clipping path technique is used to remove background from an image. But clipping path is only effective for the hard edges. You can’t make the selection of tricky soft edges object with the Photoshop pen tool. Masking is the only solution here.

Photoshop Masking Service Infographic

Photoshop Masking Service by ABC

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Types of Masking Services

Photoshop masking service is a broad category of photo editing. Let me tell you about the types of Masking Services that we offer.   

Photoshop Layer Masking Service 

This is one of the most popular types of masking services. When you want to hide any particular part of an image, our professional photographer uses the photoshop Layer masking method to do that. This type of masking gives you full control of the opacity of the selected area on a layer. If you paint with a white brush, that will be visible. Anything painted with the Black brush will be invisible. 

Hair Masking Service 

This type of masking is used for modeling and garments product photography that contains fur. You need to have lots of experience to perform that masking. Our expert graphic designers are able to provide an eye-catchy result for any kind of complex object. Not only that but also, they make sure that the selection becomes 100% accurate and looks realistic. 

Transparent Masking Service 

I hope from its name you can guess about its usage. The transparent masking service is provided for transparent object photography. Image editing asia pvt ltd can serve you with our transparent masking service for objects like smoke, glass, water, etc. Our transparent masking service results look 100% realistic and attractive. 

Alpha Channel Masking Service

Sometimes, you might want to edit the brightness, contrast, or exposure of a particular image area. Alpha channel masking service can be helpful for you in this case. Without any superior knowledge, this method is too much difficult to follow for new photo editors. Thankfully, our experienced graphics designers can provide this service with 100% satisfaction guaranty. 

People Who Should Take Photoshop Masking Services? 

  • Model and Professional Photographer 
  • Amazon sellers 
  • E-commerce business owners 
  • Products Advertisers 
  • Photo Studios 
  • Persons who are connected with print media

Why to Choose us? 

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