Jewelry retouching is a method of enhancing pix the use of picture modifying software program like Lightroom or Photoshop. The purpose of rings retouching is to enhance the high-quality of an photograph and make it greater desirable by using the usage of colour and mild correction, getting rid of scratches or spots, and making stones brighter. During a earrings shoot, it is nearly not possible to obtain the right sheen and reduce and if you are searching for the ideal images, we at Cliprify are right here to help.

We satisfaction ourselves with a crew of professionally skilled and skilled photograph editors who use the cutting-edge applied sciences and image enhancing equipment to warranty appealing results that appeal to human beings due to the deep colors, brightness, and absence of picture drawbacks. If you are searching for a earrings image enhancing service, contact us nowadays and we will make a distinction in your pix inside a quick turnaround time.

Image Editing Asia Image Editing Asia

Important Parts of Jewelry Retouching Services

Our clients are our bosses and we comply with their directions to retouch their rings professionally. Over the years, we have been working on some frequent troubles as follows;

  • Adjusting the ideal shade combination
  • Photo merging
  • Removing dullness, zits as properly as spots from your images
  • Adding ideal diamond shining on your earrings images
  • Contrast adjustment and enchancment of shadows quality
  • Scratch and dirt elimination in accordance to your private preferences

Customization of Levels in Jewelry Photo Retouching

We have been in the picture enhancing enterprise for a lengthy time now and we have labored with distinct clients to apprehend their one of a kind wishes and likings. Basically, there are two simple ranges to categorize the earrings retouching;

  • Cutout and Light Retouching: Being the fundamental level, cutout and mild retouching are used to make the photo fascinating in particular when positioned on the mono-color background.
  • High-end Retouching: This stage is used to edit images with excellent steel results to enhance the diamonds or stones and make alluring.

How Long Can It Take to Do Jewelry Retouching

Basically, thereís no precise reply on how lengthy it will take to do the earrings retouching for you due to the fact snap shots are exceptional and will be edited differently. But for your peace of mind, our expert editors work difficult and will now not go away any stone unturned till they edit your snap shots professionally. So if you prefer your diamond edited, it will usually take 3-5 hours due to the fact we should wait for the actual fashion required and retouching your earrings manually takes 2-2.5 hours.

Complexity Levels of Jewelry Retouching

Jewelry modifying offerings are now not continually a stroll in the park however our professionally skilled picture editors will make it as easy and expert as possible. We segregate the rings retouching in two one of a kind categories. The first one is the fundamental retouching for earrings, rings, and different accessories, and the 2nd one is the complicated retouching for complicated neckpieces, necklaces, multistrand necklaces, and complicated accessories.

Outsource Jewelry Photo Retouching Services to Cliprify

Cliprify is a rings retouching business enterprise you can count on for all the retouching offerings you want for your jewelry. Whether your rings photos are shot for expert or industrial purposes, our specialists can ideal any imperfections to make them attractive. Our image editors work on your photos to make sure that they are pleasing to your possible buyers.

Image Editing Asia Image Editing Asia
Image Editing Asia Image Editing Asia

Benefits of Jewelry Photo Retouching at Cliprify

At Cliprify, we are specialised in rings picture retouching to make certain that your pics are ideal for use on E-commerce sites, offline and on-line printing, as nicely as exhibitions. Our customerís situation is our difficulty and the following are some of the motives you have to have confidence us;

  • We supply wonderful earrings image retouching effects to produce excellent images.
  • Our professionals work difficult day and night time on your snap shots to grant desirable pix that assist you attain a aggressive gain over your competitors.
  • Our editors use their ride to cope with reflective or especially polished vibrant surfaces of earrings successfully.
  • We provide splendid offerings at pleasant prices.
  • We recognize our customerís privateness and preserve their records confidential.
  • We use up to date software program to supply the exceptional consequences inside a brief turnaround time.

The Different Techniques We Use to Edit Your Jewelry

  • High-end Jewelry Retouching: During the picture shoot, the capturing attitude can also now not flatter the earrings you are snapping which may want to make them stupid and unattractive. In such situations, you want earrings pictures retouching to repair existence to your images.
  • Background Cleaning and Removal: If your rings pix nevertheless exhibit smudges and scratches even after cleaning, our professionals can assist to make your earrings photos attractive.
  • Jewelry Color Correction and Editing: When lighting fixtures isnít the fantastic throughout the photograph shoot, you want rings colour correction to stability the coloration and make the photos attractive.
  • Jewelry Shadow Creation: We use this method to add shadow or create 3D results on your pictures to make them appear herbal and attractive.
  • Dust and Poor Reflection Removal: Our professionals use this method and their understanding to minimize the flaws in your rings and make them pleasing and prepared for print or e-commerce sites.
  • Jewelry Photo Enhancement: Our photograph editors use this approach to make your earrings desirable from their texture to the sparkle of the stone.
Image Editing Asia Image Editing Asia

Benefits of Working with Us

  • We usually follow your desired style while retouching images
  • All images can be retouched by a selected editor.
  • If you are not pleased with an end product, you can ask for adjustments.
  • All final images are scrutinized by a senior photo editor.
  • Clients' images are retouched within our firm by professional editors as we don't outsource them.
  • Photos are not used or placed on our company website as we value customers' privacy.
  • Our image editors are specialized in various niches such as photo restoration, glamour, wedding image editing and portrait retouching.
  • A client can place an order any time of the day as we are always available.

We Are Expert in Showing Jewelry in Their Best Light

Jewelry photographs can seem to be stupid and unattractive however you have no purpose to fear as we at Cliprify are right here to help. We have a crew of professionally educated and skilled picture editors who pay shut interest to the best small print from the way mild bounces off the treasured stone or metallic to the readability of the filigree to produce attractive images.

We at Cliprify recognize that synthetic mild should decrease the luster of polished gold, aluminum or silver or make your rings dull. We additionally recognize that immoderate brilliant herbal mild can overexpose your pix and cover the most super points of your jewelry. Fortunately, thereís nothing to fear about as we are right here to assist and we can professionally right these flaws and forestall them from distracting the splendor of your jewelry. Our earrings retouching offerings are intended to take your photographs to a greater stage and whether or not they are supposed for E-commerce websites, net advertising or print, we will edit them in approaches that your target market will now not get their eyes from them.

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • Our staff is skilled; our image editors are highly trained, and they are passionate about their work. We get utmost satisfaction when clients are pleased with our results.
  • We charge pocket-friendly fees; our prices are affordable, yet we provide quality products.
  • Clients are treated kindly; we ensure that we understand your desired style before embarking on a project. We have a variety of clients such as ad agencies, models, and photographers.
  • A high turnaround; we deliver perfect images within a short time frame.

Final Verdict

There are numerous photo retouching service providers in most states however, we offer the most affordable and high-quality image retouching. Our mission is meeting customers' needs to help them grow their medium and small online enterprises.


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Do you offer a free trial order?

Yes, We offer a free trial order, You can give us 3 free trial image as a new customer. We focus on these customer because we become an integrated part of your company and prefer working with customers long term.

How do I send and receive my images?

We have tried our best to setup an easy and flexible upload / download method by our large website. So, you can transfer and receive your images through our large website or,, google plus and

On the other hand, You may upload and download your images by FTP, If you familiar it.

What type of file can I send you?

We accept any type of file. It could be JPG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, DNG, ARW, CR2, NEF, CIFF Images, We recommend that you should send JPG type files, if it is okay with your end requirement, but of course this is entirely up to you.

Is my FTP account safe and secure?

Yes, you can rest assured. We create individual FTP accounts for every single customer with unique username and password.

Do you save all my uploaded files?

Your uploaded image files are saved on our secure server in folder labeled with the name or company name that you signed up. Original file are stored on the out databases for no more than 60 days due, the size of files being uploaded and download.

Will you use my images for another purpose?

Absolutely not in any situation. Your images always will be safe don't use other purpose and not found anyhwere.

What is your payment term?

You don't need to pay before your service is finished. You pay once you receive the complete ordered images and are happy with the quality.

What are your working hours?

Our production house works from Monday 7 AM till Saturday 7 AM. We are open 24 hours a day. Try us!

How do I pay for your services?

Once a batch of work is completed, we send you an invoice (if needed). We accomplished to accept payment through PayPal. So, You can pay with your PayPal account, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, Solo or Direct Debit. You can also transfer money to our bank account.

Can I pay monthly for your service?

Yes, if you send us regular work, We don't ask you to pay on every order, instead you can pay monthly. In that case we maintain just one invoice with all the different order details. Each time you place an order our website, It make an entry to the invoice with all its details including Service description, Order date, Image quantity, Unit price etc. So when you make a payment, you can take a look at the invoice to see weather everything is okay. In this case we prefer bank account.

What happens if I found any problem with any completed images?

At Image Editing Asia (IEA) We deal with your images very carefully with highly skilled design professionals and We do not expect this to happen again. However, in the unfortunate event just drop us an email and our company will take that very seriously to redo as soon as possible. Obviously redo the job is absolutely free.

Although, You can reject images through our website. Your payment will be added your My Credit. You can use this Credit the next orders.

Do you offer your services from any country?

Yes, We provided image editing services for any country of the world. Image Editing Asia can help you to grow up your business.

Do you have any minimum order requirment?

No, You can order us any quantity of images. We always appreciate your business and try to provide the best possible service.

Why choose Image Editing Asia?

High-quality services charged at affordable prices. A quick turnaround time. There is an all-round customer support available. We deliver large quantities quickly. You can rely on us and relax – we’ll take care of the rest and all quotations are provided in less than an hour.

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