E-Commerce Product Image Editing Service

How Professional E-Commerce Product Image Editing Services Will Help Your Business

It’s no secret that the product’s appearance is one of the first things that draw customers in. How a specific item looks and how it’s presented can affect its sales. In fact, a survey shows that 67% of consumers think that high-quality visual content is more important than customer ratings or product description. So as an entrepreneur, it’s important that you pay importance to visual commerce.

This is where professional services come in. Most folks turn to photographers to take great snaps of their products. However, that can be quite an expensive and exhausting procedure for many so alternatives might be necessary. In such cases, eCommerce product image editing services can be excellent options.

What is a Professional E-commerce Product Image Editing Service?

If you haven’t heard of eCommerce photo editing services before, fret not. It’s not necessarily as popular as professional photography services so you may have missed out on it. However, it’s a great option for some.

But what exactly is an eCommerce image editing service, you might be wondering? As its name suggests, it’s a service that provides image editing. It’s where experts will handle the post-production process after you take product photos. They will enhance the photos and make them look like they’re taken by professional photographers even if they’re not.

The great thing about these services is that they’re available in different formats. There are services that are provided by individuals who are skilled and experienced in product photography editing but there are also AI-powered post-production systems to opt for. It all depends on what you need and what kind of service you’d like to get.

What kinds of retouching services will you get from such businesses? Here’s a list of what are usually included in packages for eCommerce photo editing services:

Background removal and replacement

Backgrounds are the most common problems for a lot of product photos. Some businesses just don’t have the capacity or space for an elaborate, professional-looking setups so it’s just best to take them out altogether. Most editing services will remove the background for you so it can be replaced with something else.

Color correction

Color and lighting tends to set professionally taken product photos apart but some amateur photos only really need some retouching to look better.

Shadow effects addition

Shadow effects add more depth and dimension that make products look more real and attractive. Without the right lighting, achieving the perfect shadow effect can be difficult so you might want to add them on later instead.

Product photo cleaning

There’s a good chance that there is quite a bit of imperfection on your products when you take their photos. Experts can edit those out to present your items in the best possible way.

Photo cutout

If you have some knack in photo editing yourself and want to get more mileage out of your product photos, having a pro perfectly cut out your product from your photos will give you more use out of your shots.

Photo Editing Services vs. Product Photography Services: Which One is for You?

Torn between an actual product photography service and a photo editing service? Here are their key differences to help you choose which one will suit you best:

A product photography service will handle nearly all of the photography-related tasks for you.

New and old businesses alike will benefit from the services of a professional photographer, especially if they’re not knowledgeable or skilled in the particular craft. These services typically include the photography and post-processing of the shots so all you might be left to do is to post the photos on your website or social media platforms. These services are very convenient and handy to have, especially for new business owners who are not fully familiar with how product photography works just yet.

Note, however, that these services can have limitations. The price, of course, can be prohibitive for some small businesses as the rates can depend on the number of products and the number of shots to be provided. Not all packages include post-processing as well, so you have to take note of that detail.

A photo editing service could be a more practical choice for those with basic photography skills or those with a massive or ever-changing inventory.

The great thing about product photography is that it can be learned. If you managed to do so, a photo editing service will already be the best option for you as it will promise you the best results. These services can turn your amateur photos to professional-looking ones without too much fuss.

A photo editing service can also be more suitable to businesses with large and dynamic inventories. The problem with hiring a photographer is that you’ll need to coordinate the logistics of the items for them to shoot. By doing the shoot yourself, you can have more freedom in where and when to shoot but still get great output.

With an online product image editor, you can also enjoy more convenience and flexibility so you can get more out of your time as an entrepreneur. Co-ordinations will be simpler and turnarounds can also be faster on some occasions.

Of course, there’s also the fact that eCommerce photo editing services are generally cheaper than product photography services. The latter requires the talent and skills of a professional so they can be pricey. If you can’t afford that but can do something similar, you can get a lot out of product retouching services instead.

Finding the Best Product Photo Editing Services

Worried about finding the best product photo editing services? Don’t be. There are lots of options out there. As mentioned above, you have a choice whether to work with actual people or an AI-based system so you can be sure that you have enough choices when hiring such services.

An important reminder, however, is to make sure to read all of the details about the services you’re about to get and ask questions. There are lots of aspects in these services so take measures to ensure that you understand exactly what you’ll be getting.

What are the Features of Toy and Electronics Photography Services

If you’re going to pay for toys and electronics photography editing services, you might want to know what kinds of photoshop magic will be done on your shots. Here are some of the examples you should expect to get:

Color and balance adjustments

Color correction, hue saturation, contrast balancing, and brightness adjustments are some of the most basic things necessary to enhance a photo. This is why these should also be expected from all kinds of photo manipulation services, including the ones for toys and electronics.

Shadow effects addition and placement

Product photos should always paint the items in the best possible way so they require some more oomph. This can be achieved by adding shadow effects and placing them at the right spots. These will help keep the products from looking flat and unnatural, amping up their attractiveness to buyers.

Background removal and replacement

Amateur product photos might not have the best backgrounds, especially if the setups are DIYed. However, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem since the right toy and electronic product images editing service will take care of the issue for you.

What to Expect from an Industrial Equipment Photo Editing Service?

When hiring a machinery accessories photo editing service, you should look for the following offerings to ensure that you’ll get high-quality product photos:

Color and balance adjustments

Lighting is always a challenge when shooting product photos, even for professionals. So if you’re going to take it on your own with limited skills, you will need quite a bit of color correcting as well as contrast and brightness adjustments. This service will ensure that you’ll get a nice visual depiction of your products.

Background removal and replacement

Most businesses take their product photos right in their warehouse floors so they don’t have to move the heavy machines around anymore. The backgrounds in such photos are not exactly appealing for buyers so they need to be removed and replaced. Experts should be able to do this for you.

Clipping path services

This service is often used to remove and replace backgrounds, however, it can be used in more ways. With this feature, you can get a photo of your product alone – without anything else included. You can then use it for other purposes and paste it on other materials.