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Here at imageeditingasia, we understand how valuable apparel photographs are for an online clothing shop. This is why we see to it that we have a team who specializes in clothing photo editing services. Ghost Mannequin Services is a product photo editing service for photographers and ecomerce stores.

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Ghost Mannequin Service
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What does this service?

Creepy as it may sound, ghost mannequin services refer to a photo manipulation service where the client will take product photos using a mannequin and the service provider will take out the mannequin during post-production. Some also refer to it as the invisible mannequin Photoshop service since you can’t see the mannequin.

The key characteristic of photo editing services is its ability to leave the shape of the mannequin behind but make the garment look like it’s on its own. It gives consumers a good idea on how the garment hugs and falls on the body, allowing them to visualize how the piece will look on them.

To be very honest, the procedure involved in a ghost  photography service is rather straightforward. It only really requires two photos of a product: a frontal shot with the mannequin on and another frontal shot showing the area (usually around the neckline) that the mannequin obscured in the first shot. The editors will piece them together which will result in a unique photo that showcases the fit of your garment.

You need to hear this. I am starting up apparel product editing service provider. All the problems that designers face that are involved into making the best product will be taken care of by this particular service provider.

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How Does It Work?

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Ghost Mannequin Sample

It may not seem like it but there are lots of challenges when it comes to taking product photos of garments. Despite being quite straightforward and being some of the most commonly photographed items there is, clothes don’t always translate well on photos. In fact, not all photos of clothes are suitable for selling purposes.

This is why lots of businesses take this services into consideration for their product photos’ post-production. This particular kind of clothing product photo manipulation service offers a specific solution for fashion and apparel retailers, so if you’re thinking of entering that industry, you might want to get to know it better as well.

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Why Opt for a Image Editing Service?

If the process is so simple and if there are other options in presenting your garment products, why should you get Photoshop service? Here are some of the most compelling reasons to check out what they have to offer.

It offers a professional appearance to product photos.

Unless you’re a skilled product photographer who also owns an apparel business, there’s a very good chance that you’ll need some help in creating professional-looking product photos. Those who are shopping for clothes can be quite picky so you can’t just upload less than perfect photos on your website and expect your items to sell.

If you’re already considering hiring a clothing product photo editing service, why not take it up a notch and look into photo editing as well. It can offer a more professional way to showcase your products without breaking a sweat.

It will let you skip the hassle of hiring models.

According to a survey, some users tend to prefer seeing how a garment fits, so models and mannequins can help drive traffic. However, there are several challenges to these two options as well.

Models, for starters, require quite a bit of logistics. You need to find the right people to model your products for you. Then you need to pay them and work on a schedule. You’ll also need to go through the trouble of styling.

In addition to this, the flow of working with models can also slow you down. If you have a lot of items to photograph, using a mannequin would be more practical, efficient, and easier to do. To ensure a quick turnaround, you’ll need to hire multiple models to finish photographing several items. It’s also just quicker and more fuss-free to work with mannequins.

However, not all mannequins look great in photos. In some cases, they may not even suit the style and vibe of your garments. This is why it’s just better to take them out of the product photos altogether. And this is where image editing enters the photo.

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Ghost Mannequin

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Choosing the Best Ghost Mannequin Editing Service

Not all ghost mannequin product photography editing services are made equally, so finding the best is crucial if you don’t want to compromise on quality. Luckily, finding first-rate pros in this field isn’t that hard.

For starters, there are lots of solid options for ghost mannequin effect services online that you can find with a bit of research. Look for reviews and feedback and you’re sure to find quite a bit of information on the most reliable photo editing service providers in the market right now.

Narrow down your list based on your personal preferences and get in touch with the ones you’ve selected. These companies will be more than willing to show you samples of their previously completed ghost mannequin images so you can better gauge their skills. Ask for their rates as well, so you can start working on your budget.

If they’re up to par to your standards, make sure to look into their terms and conditions. Some might have stipulations on their contracts that might not appeal to you so it’s best to check that first before you make a decision.

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It’s a good way to highlight the products.

If you want to make sure that you’ll only highlight a particular item in your product photo, it’s best to not include anything else in it. By just having the specific item in the shot, nothing else can distract from it and potential buyers will know right away what you’re selling.

However, a photo of a piece of garment can be quite boring at times. Some brands like to add other elements into the shot like a different kind of lighting or some texture in the background.

Of course, you can do the same but it’s also just simpler to opt for a ghost mannequin effect instead. Since there are now available services that will let you opt for one instead, why not make things simpler for you and go for it instead?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Remember to choose a reputable and experienced ghost mannequin service to ensure the best quality edits for your apparel product images. Always communicate your specific requirements clearly to get the desired outcome.

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What does this ?

In this service is a professional photo editing service that specializes in creating a 3D effect in apparel product images. It involves removing or concealing the mannequin or model from the clothing, giving the appearance that the garment is floating in mid-air.

Why this important for apparel products?

The service is provides a clean and professional presentation of clothing, allowing customers to focus on the garment's design, fit, and features without distractions. It also enables customers to visualize how the clothing will look when worn.

What services are included in a ghost mannequin service?

Services typically include background removal, mannequin removal or concealing, neck joint creation (if applicable), color correction, and other enhancements to create a seamless and realistic 3D effect.

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