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When you are posting product photos on your website, as well as on your social media, you want them to look as good as possible. For the best possible results, you need to use a professional photo editing service. At Image Editing Asia, we take product photos and give them the look and feel you want.

Furniture Product Editing

There’s no room for compromise when it comes to furniture products. They should be of high quality through and through to ensure that they’re worth buying. From the materials to the construction and design of the item, they should be made well in order to ensure usability and even safety.

 The same things should translate to its marketing. Selling furniture products should not be done half-heartedly if you actually want to make a sale. Bad collaterals will send the wrong message to your target market, so you have to be very particular about the photos you’ll release to the public.

A good commercial photography service  can do wonders for such needs. They can help you create some of the best shots of the furniture pieces you’re selling. However, working with photographers can have its challenges, especially for furniture manufacturers and sellers so alternatives should also be explored.

For this, you can always look into furniture product editing. These services will let you take your own product photos and still give you top-notch quality product photos. How? Read on to learn more.

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What is a Furniture Product Editing Service?

Furniture product image editing is a type of photo manipulation service that specializes with furniture products. They take product photography editing up a notch as the items they deal with are typically large, bulky, and may even be multidimensional.

Shooting furniture products can be tricky and normally requires a bit of editing. Even if you hire professionals, their output can still need some retouching here and there. Some might include post-production services in their packages but those only normally include a limited number of shots. You’ll still be left with a lot of raw photos that will need to be retouched so you can use them.

If you have someone with basic photography skills in your team, a post-production photo manipulation service for furniture products might be a more appealing option instead. You can snap up the photos in your own convenience, be as specific with the shots as you’d like, and then send them off for editing. With the best furniture photo editing services, you can expect to get professional-looking product photos without having to slave away in front of the computer for days.

Hiring a Furniture Product Editing Service vs a Photographer

There are many challenges that you’ll come across with when photographing furniture products. Some of them would even make you want to reconsider hiring a professional photographer or DIYing the job.

For example, if the size of your items and your inventory is considerably large, the logistics of moving the items to a studio for a photo shoot can be nightmarish. If the condition of your warehouse is not amenable to photographers, then you might think that you have a problem.

That would be the case if you don’t know about furniture product photo retouching services. This is an alternative to a major photo shoot that’s complete with professional photographers. So instead of hiring photographers to take product shots for you, you can just do it with your own team and pass the post-production processing to photo manipulation experts.

By doing this, you don’t have to create an elaborate logistic plan that involves getting your bulky products to wherever your shoot will be conducted or set up appointments with an agency. It’s a nifty DIY option that will not cause you to compromise the quality of your output.

Of course, you still need to take good product photos so the editors will have something to work with. They don’t promise miracles as even technology has limitations. They will still need decent shots of your products so they can turn them to professional-looking product photos. This means that some effort will still be required on your part but it would be a more convenient option for those who have some basic photography skills.

What Can You Get from Hiring a Furniture Image Retouching Service?

Most furniture photo editing services for e-commerce will include the following:

Color and balance adjustments

Amateur photos, especially the ones taken without the best lighting, can have issues with color, brightness, and contrast. This applies to all kinds of photos, not just furniture product photos so it should be expected from a furniture image retouching service.

Enhancement for a more realistic appearance

Among the more specific features for furniture products, this should always be included as buyers will always want to know how a product actually looks. Some minor editing on product photos can make certain items look unnatural and simulation-like, so they won’t cut it if you want to make sure that your items will sell. So a good editing service should also include a feature that will make the products in your photos look like the actual stuff.

Product touch ups

Even if you were very particular about how your products were photographed, there’s a chance that you missed a few things that can make it look imperfect in high-definition photos. To deal with that concern, experts can do touch ups to remove blemishes, smudges, creases, or debris on your items. They can also correct the colors so they look more vibrant and attractive in the photos.

Addition of special effects and finishing

If you want to achieve a certain vibe for your product photos, a good furniture photographer editing service can also do that for you. They can add in special effects and touches that can help make your product more vintage, classic, or pristine – whatever it is that you’re going for.

Removal and replacement of backgrounds

Furniture shoppers are pretty divided when it comes to what they want in product photos. Some are fine with a simple white background so they can focus on the item. However, others will also want to see it inside a room so  they can get a good feel of what the piece will look like when added to an actual space.

 This is where the removal and replacement of backgrounds really come in handy. The most reliable furniture product editing teams can assist you in adding backgrounds and making the room setup appear realistic. It’s a very nice bonus that you might want to get, especially if you don’t have anyone skilled in graphic design in your team.

Glare and reflection removal

To further perfect the look of your products, glare and reflection removal is also offered. This will be very useful for you if you have items that have shiny and reflective surfaces.

Resizing and rescaling

Furniture product image editing will also include resizing and rescaling offers so you can get more out of your product shots. This will also help create perfect product photos with room backgrounds as they will adjust the item to fit the scale of the space it’s going to be put in.

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