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Professional Mirror Effect -Reflection Shadow Creation Service

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Mirror Effect Services

There are lots of “camera tricks” that can make really impressive photos. Many of them are truly challenging to execute but are worth the effort as they’re very satisfying to see. However, thanks to technology, certain tricks are possible to recreate during the post-production.

One effect that you can achieve through editing is the image reflection. Creating a duplicate, reversed image or silhouette of the subject or objects in the photo adds an interesting visual element into the shot. It creates great depth and adds a sophisticated feel to the snapshot.

Achieving this effect, both through photography and photo manipulation, isn’t easy, though. It’s not impossible to do but it’s also something that newbies may not be able to create right away.

So what do you do if you want to create a reflection on your photos? You should consider signing up for a mirror effect service. This particular offer will give your shots the additional oomph you might want to boost their visual appeal.

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What is a Mirror Reflection Shadow Service?

Before you look for a company that can provide you mirror effect services, you might want to know what exactly this offer is all about. By definition, it’s a mirror or reflection creating service where a professional photo editor can add a reflection or drop shadow effect on your shots to enhance its appeal.

As mentioned above, creating a reflection effect on a photo is not the easiest thing to do. Sure, you can just duplicate the object and flip and transform it to create what would look like a reflection but that doesn’t always work. Depending on the concept of the photo, it might not have the same feel as a mirror effect.

In most cases, the reflection needs to be more subtle. This is particularly true for product shots and portraits that you want to look like they were taken on top of a shiny surface. The reflection required on such photos don’t need to be very solid-looking. They even need to gradually fade in order to look realistic.

To achieve such an effect, you can’t just paste a duplicate copy of the subject. Additional techniques need to be applied. A good eye for the effect is also necessary so it looks realistic. Not all photo editing newbies and learners can nail the effect right away, especially those with a deadline.

Experts, on the other hand, can Photoshop reflection shadows without breaking a sweat, especially if they have extensive practice with the effect. This is where this service comes in and why you might want to look more closely into it.

Mirror Effect vs Object Reflection

It should be noted that the mirror effect is a whole different thing to object reflections. The mirror effect offers an intentional reflection of the subject on another area of the photo. It’s meant to highlight and draw attention to the focal point of the shot so it adds to the photo.

Object reflections, on the other hand, are unwanted reflections on the surface of the photo. It could be of the photographer or any other object in the vicinity of the item being photographed. This is a common problem among subjects that have reflective surfaces like tables, mirrors, vehicles, glass containers, jewelry, and many others.

These reflections often require removal as they can be distracting and can affect the quality and mood of the photo. It can make the shot look unprofessional so it has to be taken out.

Why You’d Need a Professional Reflection Shadow Service

But do you really need a professional reflection shadow service? Here are some points that can help you assess whether you’ll benefit from the offer:

It adds a polished feel to product photos.

Product photos frequently use the mirror effect as they add depth to the subject and it offers a more polished look to the product. The reflection suggests that the photo is taken on top of a glossy surface which can bring to mind cleanliness and elegance. This, of course, will say a lot about your product, elevating its appeal and appearance.

In short a Photoshop mirror effect service for product images can add quite a bit of flair to how you’ll present your items. This will work well for most products – shoes, bags, skincare items, appliances, jewelry, and many others.

It can add drama to your artistic shots.

One way to add visual interest to your shot is by creating a reflection or drop shadow effect right below or next to the subject when there’s a reflective surface nearby. It adds a bit of drama and some balancing element to the composition.

It makes portraits more eye-catching.

For portraits, a mirror effect can also enhance its visual impact. It creates a magical effect in some applications and maybe a more romantic effect in others. Whatever the case is, a mirror effect for portraits can add more to the photo when executed correctly.

How to Find the Best Mirror Effect Service

Ready to outsource mirror and drop shadow services to experts? It’s very easy to find them as lots of photo editing companies have such offers. They tend to be separate and highlighted services, too, so you don’t have to dig deep to find out if a post-production photo agency can do it for you.

To make sure that a mirror effect service provider will deliver the vision you have in mind for your photos, you can browse through their previous works. These companies make sure to make them easily accessible to potential clients so it’s easier for both parties to assess if they can work well together. If you like what you see, you can then contact the agency to explore the possibilities of enlisting their services.

It would be ideal, however, to further test their services by availing of the free trials that they usually offer. This will not just allow you to see for yourself the difference they can make to your shots but it can also give you the chance to evaluate how well they respond to client’s requests and instructions. This is crucial if you’re looking for a long-term professional relationship because you’ll want to work with someone that not just delivers the results you need but also communicates well with you.

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